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Massage Foot

The spa area of the hotel was built luxury brings its customers feel extremely relaxed and comfortable to experience the service here. Diverse spa services: physical therapy massage, foot massage, pedicure North medication
To serve our customers with a staff of men and women fun, we are trained on methods of "ấn nguyệt", massage. In addition to the normal separate massage rooms, we also have a VIP, the VIP room for two people (regardless of gender).
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Ending the course, customers also enjoy snacks and drinks nutritious buffet. Relax, relieve stress, relieve pain, more energy with good food, step out of the hotel you will feel really healthy, in good spirits, relaxed.
We also have a large relaxation room 1, served to you all night.
Invite the customer to Khang Huy Massage to be served and there are great moments of relaxation.

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To reserve VIP room, double room for 2 persons Because the number of rooms is limited, often every room